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  • ●      Pails ​16Kg / 35.2lb

  • ●      Drums ​180Kg / 396.8lb

  • ●​  Box 12 units 454g / 1lb


  • ● Sugar Mills

Product Description:

NUREX SULFCAL GREASE is a lubricating grease for demanding applications, formulated from a complex thickener, based on Calcium Sulfonate, highly refined oils of the highest quality and additives that allow us to offer a product with an excellent capacity to withstand conditions of Extreme Pressure, possess a high adhesion as well as excellent antioxidant and anti-rust qualities.
This product protects the surface of equipment that operates under conditions of extreme load, high temperature and saturated environments of water, from corrosion and rust that can take place throughout long periods of time without relubrication.

Properties and Benefits:
● Resistance to washing caused by water and excessive humidity.
● Does not allow runoff of the product during its operation.
● Excellent performance with equipment that works at high temperatures.
● Excellent pump-ability. Recommended for centralized lubrication systems
● Excellent mechanical stability during long periods of use. It helps reduce the consumption of lubricant.
● Excellent load resistance, due to its natural properties of extreme pressure and anti-wear
● Strong adhesion in the lubricating points, forming seals that prevent the entry of dust and dirt
● Sugar Industry (Mills and Trapiches)
● Chopper bearings
● Induced draft fans
● Cane drivers
● Chumaceras in sugar dryers
● Agricultural machinery
● Asphalt processing plants
● Road equipment, mining, and construction
● Machines subjected to high loads and exposed to water contamination


Typical Characteristics:




Performance tests:


Industrial Security:

Based on the information available, this product is not expected to cause adverse health effects while it is being used in the applications for which it is intended and the recommendations of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) are followed. This product must not be used for purposes other than those recommended


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