NUREX MOLY represents a 55% saving in times of relubrication of yellow machines


Supplies yellow machinery for the conditioning of land, generally used in the agricultural industry. The equipment extracts mud, stones, and sand in the Saldaña River. Specific parts of the excavators work 90% of the time, submerged in water and therefore require a high frequency of relubrication.


PROQUIMSA S.A.S recommends NUREX MOLY. A complex lithium grease with an EP (Extreme Power) additive, MoS2, adhesion improver and made with high-quality mineral oil, for the bucket pin of a CAT 320 backhoe during continuous workdays of 8 hours.


You can see the difference after comparing the pins lubricated by NUREX MOLY with the ones lubricated by a conventional grease. NUREX MOLY preserves the lubricating film while the current grease does not. The new grease offers greater protection and increasing productivity. A reduction of 55% in lubrication frequency is estimated.

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