Changing to NUREX MOLY, saves up to 50% of costs.


A company dedicated to projects of engineering, infrastructure, and construction in Colombia, reports an increase in lubricant consumption and a reduction in the operating time of its machinery. This was due to high regreasing frequencies, grease runoff and exposure to strong environmental conditions.


PROQUIMSA S.A.S recommends NUREX MOLY. A complex lithium grease formulated with EP, MoS2 and adhesion improvers. Made for heavy work thanks to its resistance to water washing, high temperatures, vibrations and continuous blows.


NUREX MOLY reduces the relubrication periods by half in four different equipment: VOLVO BM L-150 CHARGER, DUMPER CAT 725, BULLDOZER D-6T and BACKHOE LOADER CAT 324/1098.

* Less frequency of lubrication represents greater productivity in working hours of each machine, reduction of lubricant expenses and lower environmental impact since only half of the fat is required than was conventionally used.

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