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  • ●      Pails ​16Kg / 35.2lb

  • ●      Drums ​180Kg / 396.8lb

  • ●​  Box 12 units 454g / 1lb


  • ● Tractors
  • ● Excavators
  • ● Dump trucks
  • ● Loaders
  • ● Bulldozers
  • ● Compactors
  • ● Angledozers
  • ● Scrapers
  • ● Road Rollers

Product Description:

NUREX HD is a multipurpose grease with smooth appearance and texture. Formulated from a Lithium Complex soap, 12-hydroxystearic acid, high-quality paraffinic base oils, tackiness additives and Extreme Pressure additive package. All of these characteristics offer excellent performance under high temperatures, heavy loads and also provide high water resistance.

Properties and Benefits:
● Excellent mechanical stability
● Very good behavior at high temperatures
● Better adherence capacity to the lubricated elements
● Extended life, allowing equipment operation without interruptions
● High water resistance
● Good behavior in bearings that have both cylindrical and spherical elements
● The EP (Extreme Pressure) additive properties allows it to withstand strong and frequent loads for long periods of time
● Excellent anti-wear and anti-friction properties
● Reduced relubricating time and thus equipment downtime
● Agriculture, Construction, Industrial Transportation, and heavy industrial machinery
● Automotive equipment equipped with disc brakes
● Electric motors that operate at high temperatures and speeds
● Kiln bearings and all kinds of equipment adjacent to very high radiant heat
● For all types of bearings, gears, and couplings that require grease with a high dropping point
● Wheel bearings for heavy vehicles
● Asphalt processing plants


Typical Characteristics:




Performance tests:


Industrial Security:

Based on the information available, this product is not expected to cause adverse health effects while it is being used in the applications for which it is intended and the recommendations of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) are followed. This product must not be used for purposes other than those recommended.


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