Our laboratory is equipped with the technology and instruments needed, to provide products with the highest quality. It allows PROQUIMSA S.A.S to comply with the testing standards and requirements that are in place.

Laboratory tests that we execute:

All the equipment is included in the Metrological Assurance Program and Maintenance.

Schedule that is controlled by our Quality Management System ISO 9.001: 2.008; guaranteeing the suitability in the results of the tests carried out.

For the improvement and development of products we have a pilot plant for the production of grease, that allows us to manufacture on a smaller scale lubricant greases that go through simulated industrial conditions and in this way analyzes new raw materials, new production processes and develops products for specific and special applications of the industry.

The new formulations and manufacturing procedures are focused on offering lubrication solutions through high performance products, consistent with safety, hygiene and environmental standards.

In our Nurex product line

you will find the most suitable grease for your machine

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We have the widest range of lubricants and greases.