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  • ●      Pails ​16Kg / 35.2lb

  • ●      Drums ​180Kg / 396.8lb

  • ●​  Box 12 units 454g / 1lb


  • ● Hydraulic hammer

Product Description:

Nurex Hammer Grease is specially designed to reduce friction and improve the service life of most hydraulic breakers. It is a high-tech grease, made of complex lithium soap, highly refined mineral oils, adhesion-improving additives and a special balance of solid additives (graphite, copper and molybdenum disulphide) that give it high resistance in jobs where Extreme pressures and high temperatures are critical.

Properties and Benefits:
● Due to its anti-wear quality, HAMMER prolongs the life of the tool (chisel) and hydraulic hammer bushings
● Reduced operation cost, since it allows longer re-greasing periods
● The high content of specially selected solid lubricants, reduce wear at high pressures and high temperatures
● Excellent mechanical and thermal stability during long periods of use. It helps reduce the consumption of the lubricant
● Excellent resistance to water washing and oxidation
● High adhesion to metal
● Forms excellent and stable stamps over time
● Copper and graphite exert an excellent synergistic anti-lubricating and lubricating action
● Prevents seizure (friction welding), in threaded elements that withstand high temperatures
● Maintenance and lubrication of hydraulic breakers
● Lubrication of bushes and bolts of machinery for public jobs
● Couplings, joints, and trunnions
● Mining equipment.
● Staples and screws for heavy machinery.


Typical Characteristics:




Performance tests:


Industrial Security:

Based on the information available, this product is not expected to cause adverse health effects while it is being used in the applications for which it is intended and the recommendations of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) are followed. This product must not be used for purposes other than those recommended.


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