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  • ●      Pails ​16Kg / 35.2lb

  • ●      Drums ​180Kg / 396.8lb

  • ●​  Box 12 units 454g / 1lb

Product Description:

NUREX DRILLING GREASE is a multipurpose grease of soft texture based on lithium complex soap with 12-Hydroxystearic acid. It contains colloidal solid lubricants, adhesion improvers, antioxidants and highly refined mineral oils.

Properties and Benefits:
● Grease suitable for "Drill Collar and Tool Joint Compound" services
● Supports high torques and excessive circumferential efforts
● Excellent mechanical and thermal stability
● Excellent resistance to water and oxidation.
● Protects pipe threads under shear stress.
● Good impact resistance, providing a high strength film, required in slow moving machines and heavy loads
● High adhesion to metal.
● Does not contain lead.
● Forms excellent stamps and is stable over time.
● Lubricates, seals and protects threaded connections from seizure
● Drilling equipment in the oil industry.
● Threaded connections.
● Couplings, joints and trunnions.
● Marine and mining equipment.
● Pipe threads.
● Gears of the rotary tables of the drills.
● Staples and screws of heavy machinery


Typical Characteristics:




Performance tests:


Industrial Security:

Based on the information available, this product is not expected to cause adverse health effects while it is being used in the applications for which it is intended and the recommendations of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) are followed. This product must not be used for purposes other than those recommended.


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